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As one of the world’s leading developers of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) measuring units, EQUISTAT (IOM) LTD is proud to announce the release of the world’s first ever Multi-Frequency BIA units for horses, the EQUISTAT®PRO and the EQUISTAT®LITE.

The basic principle of the method is that lean tissue, which consists essentially of electrolyte-containing fluid, conducts the electrical current, whereas the fat acts as an insulator. The impedance of the horse is therefore determined largely by the low-impedance lean tissues.

BIA is non-invasive, simple to perform and may be repeated as frequently as required. Impedance to the flow of current through the body is dependent on the frequency of the applied voltage.

The EQUISTAT units will automatically measure seven frequencies between 5 kHz and 280 kHz and uses predictive regression equations at those frequencies to estimate body Total Fluid Volume (TFV). In addition, the total body mass and fat mass of the horse can be predicted.

The results are displayed on the LCD display of the hardware unit based on the standard placement of the electrode cuffs on the hock and knee. The predictive equations used were tested on a selection of horses with a wide range of body mass and breed. The smallest of breed was a Shetland/Welsh ponycross, ranging through to standardbreds, thoroughbreds and percheron/thoroughbred cross.

The Equistat units are competitively priced to monitor horses in the stable, during transit or at competitions. You gain the confidence that comes from state of the art technology backed by scientific validation. BIA has been used for over 30 years in medical and sports science research units, health and fitness centres, sports clubs and academic institutions for monitoring hydration, body composition.